Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the good and the bad

good news: hadley is transitioning nicely to one nap a day. i have been holding her off until after lunch, and she has been sleeping 3-4 hours. she then goes to bed around 7ish, and sleeps until 7:30 - 8 am.

bad news: today i put hadley down around 12:30. around 2:00 i heard her make a little noise but then went back to sleep. i was on the phone with my mom around 4:30 and made a comment that hadley was still sleeping, and i had to wake her up soon. 4:45 i went upstairs to get her, and i could hear she was waking up but not wide awake yet. i opened her door and OMG the smell of poop knocked me out! miss hadley stood up with poop in her hair, on her nose, and as i walked closer, i noticed it was everywhere!!! all up her back, on her bumper, on her crib... you get the point? and hadley was just smiling away and so excited to see me.

really, does the fun ever end????

itsy bitsy spider

for the last week or so, hadley has been obsessed with the itsy bitsy spider... she moves her hands like the spider when she wants you to sing it to her, it is so cute. i took a little video of her yesterday to send to my mom. how cute is she???

Monday, January 25, 2010

monday morning

so, it's monday morning again... funny how fast it comes after a great weekend. we didn't do anything exciting or too special, it was just a nice weekend. we had taco night on friday... it was yummy and relaxing. saturday i went to my favorite spa for their signature facial with kelly. here is the description... it was so so good!!! This facial begins with a relaxing 15 minute back massage, and ends with a hand and foot rub while under a specialty mask. We’re famous for this one. (80 Minutes) on sunday we hit the mall to finish our holiday returns, and got some lunch. we finished the weekend playing wii. (speaking of wii, i just love it. we have spent so much fun family time together playing.)

as soon as the big yellow bus takes off, mason does he favorite thing... he asks me if he can play with carter's DS. seriously, the kid asks me EVERY DAY!!! 99% of the time i say no, but today i let him. the weather was gross outside, and we were just going to hang around until it was time to go to speech after lunch. life is good for mason when he gets a little DS time in. (did you notice how mason likes to mix and match his pj's?)

and miss hadley has been ADORABLE lately. she just cracks me up! i know i am biased, but she is just the cutest thing!!! i love this age, and watching her. she is at the stage now where she has her "tricks" and just goes through them one after another. she likes to sit on the bottom stair, and in the little reading chair. she doesn't do much except sit there so proud of herself. she likes to do the itsy bitsy spider, play peek-a-boo, and dance around. she is big into giving kisses, blowing kisses with sound effects, and saying "hi" and "bye bye".

the days are just going by SO fast, and i wish i could just pause this moment in time. the kids are all at great ages, and life is good.

btw, it is tuesday night and i am finally going to publish this post... so much for my monday morning.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sicky McSick and other stuff...

so craig and i are both sick... it sucks!!! it started last week... he seemed to be getting the flu that then spread into what we thought was strep, but i guess is just a virus. i had conjunctivitis last week (aka the freak eye) and then i got craig's lovely virus. we are just not a happy family. mason has also came down with a fever, but no other symptoms.

yesterday craig went to see his doctor in boston, (which is an hour away) because he is too lazy to find a new doctor closer to his office or our house. the good news is that his doctor's is really close to our favorite bakery. so guess who got a special little cake to make us feel better???? it was so good and i ate it for dinner last night.

oh, and i did a quick purge the other day... i called big brother, big sister to see when the next pick up would be. (it is so much easier then dropping the stuff off at the salvation army.) they said the next day... ok, well i hit the basement after the kids were sound asleep.

i prefer to do it w/out craig too, since he likes to hold onto more things than me. well, i got rid of so many old jackets, bags, toys, games, books, etc. oh, it feels so good to get rid of stuff. and guess what? nobody has even questioned where anything went.

next time i hope to have more than a couple of hours and really clean the basement!!!

and in other news... miss hadley is ON.THE.GO. she walks EVERYWHERE!!! just trying to get out the door, she runs away every time i put her down. if she could talk she would say "catch me if you can..."

i got her shoes and hat on... but then she ran off while i was trying to get her jacket ready. she is a funny girl!!! she is talking more often and it is so cute to hear her little voice. hadley is also using signs for more and all done.

well, there's my update. i am hoping we are on the mend here...

Friday, January 8, 2010

follow up appointment

today i had my 2 week post-op appointment. it went well for the most part, except for a stupid nurse who asked me when my last period was, and when i said i didn't know, she asked when i had my baby. hello, can you read the notes in my chart????

physically all is healed, and emotionally i am doing much better. i feel closure now, and i can't believe i am looking forward to my next period so i can move on.

we are cleared to ttc again if we want to after af returns. georgia also cautioned me that just because i had 1 m/c doesn't mean i won't have one again, and mentally i have to be willing to accept that.

right from the ob's office, i headed to my primary and i have conjunctivitis in my right eye. oh, the fun never runs out here. craig also has the flu... good times!!!

the good news is that i had a great hair day... both my sitter and georgia told me that my hair looked great! maybe if i didn't have a freak eye, i would take a picture.

night night!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

new year's resolution

my new year's resolution is to read more books. doesn't sound hard, but i am pretty good at starting books, but not so good at finishing them.

last month i read jodi picoult's Handle With Care and it was really good. it is about a family who struggles with their daughter's rare bone disease and asks the question if she should never have been born. it helped that my sitter wanted to read it after me, so i made sure i got through it quickly. i felt so accomplished after i was done.

i figured i would try another one of jodi picoult's novels, and i am now reading Nineteen Minutes. so far, so good.

if you have any good book recommendations, i would love to hear them.

last year my resolution was to stop being a short order cook and make one meal for my family each night. although i didn't do it every night, i did do it a lot and it made life and especially dinner time easier.

wish me luck...


so, i have an empty feeling inside. now that the holiday rush is over, and our vacation week is done, i am sitting here feeling down. i was suppose to start sharing my news this week...

yesterday i finally left the house and went to buy a pair a jeans at the gap, and all i could think about is that they should have been maternity jeans. i then took a trip to target to pick up a prescription, and my peppermint mocha latte at starbucks. that was the most i did all week. i have had no desire to get up, dressed, and go out.

today i was talking to a mom while mason was at speech. i talk to her every week, and she is very nice. she was asking me lots of questions about our christmas and vacation. she was then asking our plans for the summer, and if we had any vacations planned. i finally told her about the m/c. i hate this feeling like i am keeping a secret. not that it is appropriate to share my news with the world, but i don't want to hide it either.

physically i am feeling so much better. emotionally, i have been doing good for the most part. i guess keeping busy with the kids is a good distraction. i have my follow-up appointment with my doctor on friday, and i am looking forward to it, and then moving along. hopefully she will tell us that it is ok to start ttc again, and now that i got pregnant on my own i have hopes that it will happen again.

ok, well i should start making dinner soon and get off the couch... i guess this is what a pity party feels like.

Friday, January 1, 2010

some pictures...

i have no idea how to do hadley's hair... it is getting longer but it doesn't do much. today we tried pigtails. sure they look a little ghetto, but they are still cute!!! soon enough she will be sporting all sorts of fun hair styles.

last night, hadley got up at 11:45... just in time to ring in the new year with us. i'm pretty sure she was up last year doing a feeding too.

and even though the patriots are not doing as well this year as we had hoped, we are still fans!!!!