Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Ballerina

we completed our first year of dancing school. i'm so sad it is over, it was so cute and hadley's favorite activity every week. her teacher miss judy was awesome, and she had a wonderful group of girls in her class. from her first class to the day of the recital... hadley was so shy and for the first month held her teacher's hand. each week she got more comfortable, and participated a little more. truth be told, i wasn't even sure if she would get up on stage... but she amazed me. as i was watching her the night of, i was so proud. she was not only one of the youngest in her class, but the whole school. and she rocked it!!!! the theme of the whole night was disney, and since she takes princess ballet, they were dressed like snow white and danced to "some day my prince will come". who knows what type of girl she will become... will she stick with dance? be into sports or art? who knows, but this is a memory i will never forget. my beautiful girl did an amazing job!!!