Thursday, March 31, 2011

2, 4, 6, 8...

2 - two is a hard age. everyone has heard of the terrible 2's. i never really experienced it with the boys, but no worries, hadley is making sure we know exactly what the terrible 2s are.

i am tired! some days are just not fun at all, and others she is a complete joy and so fun! today has been a good day, which is why i have a few spare minutes to blog. today she was perfect while mason was at speech and colored and did stickers with me. she played perfectly with all her toys, and has been full of hugs & kisses. but some days are so bad, and full of arguments, and everything has to be PINK and she needs to do everything herself! (hadley do, hadley's turn.... yes, she talks in the third person all the time.)

PINK - it was so cute when she first discovered her love for pink, but now it is just obnoxious. she was freaking out on craig the other night b/c her pink kitty towel was in the wash, and he was looking at me for help... too bad bud, you are on your own. welcome to my world.

monday i had an hour before mason needed to be picked up and i thought we could take a quick trip to whole foods... well the terrible 2 monster showed her face, and there was a change of plans. i put her in her car seat to keep her locked down, then put on a movie so she didn't fall asleep and ordered my salad for lunch from a local place w/ a drive-thru. hey, a moms gotta do, what a moms gotta do.

i really adore her, and love how cute she is, i just prefer to do it without all the drama!!! (have i mentioned how much i love that i only have 1 girl?)

4 - graham is four months old, and we finally had his well visit week. and by well visit, i mean sick visit. i would have brought him in for a sick visit but we already has his appointment scheduled. he is a big boy @ 15lbs 5 oz. he has bronchiolitis and just sounds awful! luckily, he is a happy boy, and a happy wheezer.

i was suppose to bring him back on tuesday for a recheck, but he sounded so bad on monday, that we went back in. he tested negative for rsv, and other than nebulizers, there is nothing we can do. i am praying he gets better soon... we go back next week for a follow up.

6 - the number of people in our family, which makes for a busy calendar. carter started soccer and baseball practice this week. mason starts t-ball practice on saturday. i love this time of year, seeing everyone at the fields, and getting outside... it's just that it is snowing as i type, so it is hard to embrace all the spring activities. yesterday we were teased with a beautiful day, and now snow... i guess that's new england for you.

8 - i can't believe carter is going to be eight years old on saturday. how is that possible?

last weekend we brought him and his friends to the movies to see Diary of a Wimpy KId: Rodrick Rules. it was cute and the boys loved it!!!

tomorrow we need to figure out our plans for this weekend (other than baseball practice)...

Monday, March 21, 2011

ww check in

i went in for my 2nd weigh in today... i had graham and hadley with me so i couldn't stay for the meeting, but i like going for an official weigh in.

i was happy to hear i lost 2 lbs! that makes 8.2 in total. i really didn't keep track over the weekend with mason's birthday celebrations, but i did my best.

once i hit the 10 lb mark i'll have to do something special... maybe a new pair of flip flops just incase spring decides to join us!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy birthday mason!!!!

i can't believe my little boy is 5 years old!!! that's a whole hand!!!

on friday mason woke up and was so excited it was his birthday... we are keeping the donut tradition going, and he started his day with a chocolate frosted donut. nothing like some sugar to get you going in the morning...

then we got him a couple of presents to open, but his big gift is a new bike and we just need to find time in our schedule to have him try some out. he is obsessed with sticker books these days and they entertain him for hours! i found 2 new ones that he didn't have yet, so i grabbed those along with a new ds game.

then off to school we went... march 18th is a fun day at school. not only is it his birthday, it is also his friend brady's b-day and his teacher mrs. t too! brady's mom and i brought in ice cream cups, and toppings so the kids could make their own sundaes. it was fun being able to enjoy myself at his school w/out having hadley and graham there to worry about.

later in the day we headed up to pick up craig from work and go to the cheesecake factory for dinner. mason got to pick, and he was torn between the cheesecake factory or mcdonald's.... let's just say i helped make that decision!

we headed to the lego store after dinner so he could spend the money my parents gave him, and then finished the night at ben & jerry's.

yesterday we had his party at the house. the theme was a movie party, and it was so cute! he invited a couple of friends over and they watched Megamind. i was shocked with how well they did, and stayed focused on the movie. then pizza and cupcakes!

even though it is more work, i always love having a home party with a small group of kids... i am now tired, and exhausted and need to get ready to have carter's party next weekend. really what was a thinking with the baptism, and two parties all in a row?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring forward

so, along with the time change, we also had a room change in our house. on sunday, hadley finally decided she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed!!! she was so tired from the baptism, and lack of nap that day that she fell right asleep. go hadley!!!

i hated the thought of kicking her out of her crib, and i am so happy that she made the transition herself.

once she was out i set up the crib for graham so that she wouldn't want to go back and forth. he's not sleeping in there at night yet, but he has napped there. he also loves to watch his mobile go around and around.

by 4 months all the other kids were all set in their rooms, but for whatever reason i am having a hard time moving graham. he's my last baby, and i just love having him in my room.

here's the newest addition to our family... yes, this makes my 7th stroller.

i do love the phil&ted's, but i wanted something smaller that hadley could hop in and out of w/out throwing off the balance. after much research, this is what i settled on.

lastly, here are some pictures of graham doing tummy to tummy time w/ craig... they both love it!!!

happy st. patrick's day

today the weather was beautiful!!! but unfortunately, carter stayed home sick and we didn't get to enjoy it. i have so much to do to get ready for mason's b-day party this weekend, that i had to drag all the kids to bj's to pick up some snacks.

here are a couple pictures from today... hadley isn't a fan of green and refused to wear her green sweater and added as much pink as she could. she cracks me up!

what a difference a year makes...

Monday, March 14, 2011

WW = 6.2

well, i finally had enough and re-joined weight watchers. i really don't know why i waited so long. i would keep giving myself more time, knowing all the baby weight came off by 6 weeks postpartum. well, no more excuses, no more time, no more next week or month.

last sunday i went in for my first official weigh-in, and let me just say that i was not so happy... i guess it was a rough winter with lots of baking going on here in the jacobs house.

yesterday i wasn't able to get weighed in b/c of the baptism, so i headed there today after i dropped mason off at school. i knew i wouldn't be able to stay for the meeting but i just needed to see how well i did. i was shocked to learn i lost 6.2 lbs during my first week! go me!!! i was hoping for 4... especially since i had some of that yummy cake yesterday.

i am excited to continue on this journey... my first goal is 15 lbs.

Graham's Baptism

yesterday we celebrated graham's baptism... i am so proud of my baby boy! he was so good! it was a great day, and although there were more than a few moments that made me want to pull my hair out and never host a party at my house again... but we survived.

my friend christia made graham's baptism outfit... it was so perfect!!! thanks so much!

the timing was after lunch but before dinner so we just had some snacks...

Friday, March 11, 2011

4 months

how is my baby boy four months old? the months are going by so fast!!!

he is still the happiest little guy. he just smiles and smiles... his laugh is contagious, and he loves to cuddle.

he really is a low-maintenance baby... he eats every 3 hours or so. he just hangs out during the day, and we are going to now start trying to get him in a routine with naps. i think around 4 months is when i did it with the others.

graham still loves to be swaddled at night, and will go down anytime between 9-11, and sleep until 7ish the next morning. not too shabby.

pure joy... that is all i can say. he is such a love bug, and we are all really enjoying him.

trying to grease up his head to rid him from cradle cap... any suggestions? i have tried a ton of things...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

ready... set... go!

march madness is here! our calendar is so crazy busy this month, i get sick thinking of everything.

today the boys had dentist appointments, then carter has a ccd retreat at the church for 2 hours in prep for his first communion, then we have dinner plans with friends. i want to take the kids to get some new sneakers, and squeeze in a pedi today b/c i am in desperate need of one!!! (update, got my pedi! but pushed shopping until tomorrow.)

next weekend is graham's baptism, then we have mason's birthday and party the following weekend, and finally carter's birthday party at the end of the month.

play dates, kindergarten registration, graham's 4 month well visit, indoor soccer on friday nights, baseball clinics on sundays, school work, field trips, etc. the list goes on and on.

i guess this is just the beginning... we have four kids now, and our schedule is busy busy. as long as i keep organized i will be ok. (at least that's what i tell myself.)