Thursday, September 29, 2011


my parents sold their house and moved out today. i have a lot of mixed emotions about it... but the best news is that they are just 10 minutes away now, and not an hour!!!

lots has happened since i took my break from blogging... my dad lost his job, and his feet/legs are still feeling the results of his chemo, so at this point the doctors are assuming it is permanent. the house, the yard and everything that goes with it was a lot to keep up with for him, so they deciced to sell!!! 12 days and 2 offers later... sold!!!!

they have an offer on a townhouse down here, but it's a shortsale, so they are doing all the steps that are necessary. in the meantime, they moved into an apartment today. tomorrow they will go up and close on their house.

we had a final sunday dinner there a couple weeks ago, and here's a picture of all the cousins.

i'm looking forward to having them close, and hopefully babysitting more on saturday nights too!!! :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

princess ballet

i signed hadley up for a princess ballet class... she is a little on the young side, but i figured it goes until june, so it was best to start early than see if they had space later. i also liked that this class runs all school year and not just for an 8 week session like the ones at the ymca.

the first week she wouldn't let go of miss judy's hand. but not tears, and she seemed to like it. she is getting more comfortable each week, and she loves it!!! she shows off her moves and talks about it non-stop!!!

there is a recital in the spring, which i am sure will be priceless!!!!

for the last 15 minutes of every class the girls get to dress up in their princess dresses! so.stinking.cute!!!

back to school

ok - let's try to get back into my blogging. i really love going back to look at everything i have documented, so i know i will be mad at myself if i don't do this.

carter - 3rd grade

this week of back to school was a bit different then other years. we got his by hurricane irene right before school started. although it didn't do much damage it did knock out 98% of our towns power. not sure how, but we were one of the few houses that never lost power.

it was a debate whether school would still open on time, but once they got power back, they went ahead with everything as planned. my guess is that while parents where running around trying to figure everything out, the kids could have a safe place to go.

i guess i never realized how many of our friends have well water... no power = no water
our friends that live down the road ended up staying with us while they waited for their power to come back... the kids all got along so good, and my friend love is a kick ass cook, so she made dinner each night. they stayed with us from monday - thursday, and although it wasn't ideal (especially for them) it will be a great memory. i can't imagine my kids every having a sleepover on the first day of school again.

mason - kindergarten

all the kids going off to school...

hadley also started school this year. she is going to the same preschool the boys went to. she just makes the cut off for the 2.9 program. she goes on tues/thurs from 9 - 11:30

the first day of school is poured!!!! so i didn't get too many good pictures. she has also been very shy and timid, and easing into the whole school thing. everyday she gets a little better and more comfortable.

now that we are settled in to our back to school routine, i am hoping to start organizing my house again!!!! and enjoying my trips to target with only child!!! especially since he doesn't ask for anything....