Saturday, April 23, 2011

petey the penguin

mason's class has a "pet" penguin... this week it was our turn to host the little guy!!! mason had so much fun!!!!

first things first... bath time!!!

i was shocked with how attached mason got of this class pet. he loved the whole experience! he then asked why we don't have any pets in our house... sorry kid, that's not going to happen!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

let's play ball!

baseball season is here!!! our schedule is crazy busy, but in a good way. (note to self: when planning on having four kids, make sure you really think through the sports/extra curricular schedules.)

craig is an assistant coach for both boys teams... this is a huge help because he always has to be there. but then again, it always leaves me on the sidelines with 3 kids. fun fun!

i just love being outside, and watching the kids play... mason is so happy just being part of a team, and he literally smiles nonstop. carter is getting better and he has an awesome team this year!

and let's not forget about our home town team... we need to root, root, root, for the red sox!!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

5 months old!!!

how can graham be 5 months old? seriously, he needs to stay my baby forever!!!

he is just the sweetest thing ever!!! so calm, and mellow... just goes with the flow. he loves his activity mat! it's his favorite hang out these days.

he's finally rolling... and by rolling i mean he can do both back to belly, and belly to back. it's more like a roll than rolling!

back when he had his 4 month appointment his was wheezing and diagnosed with bronchiolitis. he's finally over the cough, but his is still wheezing. last week i had them listen to his chest when we were there for mason's 5 year check up and sure enough still wheezing. they put him on an oral steroid for 5 days... i'm bummed that it didn't help at all!!! i need to bring him back in to see what the heck is going on.

my little man is a complete joy!!! he has been sleeping from 8:30 pm - 7:30 am, and i am loving that!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011


it's vacation time!!! hip hip hooray!!!

now that our schedule is full, and we are on the go non-stop, i am really excited to have a week to just relax, have play dates, and maybe have a little down time.

who knows, maybe i will find time to upload some photos and update my blog? or work on my disney album that has been a work in progress on shutterfly? or in reality, maybe i can actually enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, and not feel stressed and rush to get out the door and to get all the kids ready?

now i just need to keep my fingers crossed that the weather is nice so we can enjoy playing outside!!! (it was 40 degrees when carter left for baseball practice this morning... brrrr!)

Friday, April 15, 2011

ww check in

i am so happy i found time to get weighed in today... it can be hard to fit it in with the kids schedules, and the ww center is a good 20 minutes away.

down 1.4 lbs this week...
total weight lost - 11.4 lbs.

it's coming off slow and steady but it is still coming off so i'll take it!!! i also don't feel deprived at all... i have my points and i am keeping to it for the most part. if i have a craving, i'll eat it (usually a smaller portion) and move on.

time to enjoy the day!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Happy (belated) Birthday Carter

i can't believe my baby boy is now eight years old!!!! how did that happen??? it seems like yesterday i was put on bed rest and just counted down the days until he got here.

we started off the day with the traditional birthday donut! for as long as i can remember my parents always had a boston cream donut waiting for me on my birthday, and i am happy to pass it along to my kids!!!

carter asked for some books, legos, and a new ds game for his birthday. he also really wanted a north face jacket, just like his dad. i originally said no, because it is spring, and soon enough the weather should be getting warmer. i told him he had to wait until next fall. well, i then kinda ruined his fleece while washing it with mason's new star wars towel, so i made a last minute purchase. is amazing... next day delivery, with free shipping!!! i kinda splurged on all the kids, but i couldn't help myself! mason loves to be just like carter, and the pink one was too cute!!!

we then spent the afternoon at the museum of science... it was a fun day! i think carter and craig are going to go back again and spend more time there... there was only so much we could do with everybody.
(all the pictures i took came out so bad! the little canon camera i have just sucks!!!)

after spending the day at the museum, we were all tired, and going out to dinner was just asking for a disaster! we ended up getting take out from carter's favorite restaurant, came home and had a movie night. we then finished the evening with brownie sundaes, for my child who doesn't like cake!!!

Dear Carter,
I am so proud of you... you are such an amazing well-rounded boy! your teachers always tell me how good you are in school. you have some great friends, and i even think that you like sharing a room with mason.

you are daddy's little side kick, and you guys are like two peas in a pod. you are the best big brother to hadley and graham... you have such love in your eyes when you talk to them. and you still love to crawl into bed with me in the morning and snuggle.

you are still a picky picky eater, but you are getting better.... food really is good, and i want you to enjoy it! 99% of the time you have a pb&j at lunch time with a chocolate milk.

i want nothing more than joy and happiness in your life... i want you to continue to be a good boy and to always value what an amazing family we have (even when mason annoys you).

i love you so very much...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

WW check in

after all my whining, i finally got weighed in today... i lost 1.8 lbs, for a total of 10 lbs.

i'm so happy! i'm glad i didn't give up! slow and steady, slow and steady...

and now for a couple cute pictures... so happy to be enjoying some spring weather!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

april already?

i know it's april, we just celebrated carter's birthday last weekend (post to come), but i can't believe it. time is just flying by so fast. every time i blink the weeks are just going by.

i just said to craig that he really needs to tap into his vacation time so we can get stuff done... but i know how he loves to keep his 8 weeks of vacation time available and not actually use it. (does anyone else hoard vacation time?)

i am also just going to whine for a moment... hey, it's my blog and i can whine if i want to. i am really struggling with my weight loss right now. the first 2 weeks were easy, and now the scale isn't moving. i am trying not to get discouraged, but it's hard not to. and i have no desire to drive 20 minutes and drag hadley and graham to a meeting to get weighed in if i am not going to get good news. i really need to stick to this plan, because i know it does work, and i am hoping that one day the scale will just jump! (a girl can dream).

losing weight is not easy, and there is no quick fix. i need to keep reminding myself that his is a journey, and to keep the big picture in mind. my goal is not to wear a bikini this summer, but to fit into my clothes more comfortably. craig is being supportive, and now that i have officially vented, i think i can move on.

ok, off to bed i go...