Sunday, March 29, 2009

weekend update

  • hadley was up all night friday night fussing, and when i took her temp. it was 103. i called the doctor's office and they sent us to the ER. thankfully they took us in right away, and told us what we suspected - another ear infection. after some antibiotics and tylenol, she is back to being a very happy baby. sat. night was a little rough, but i am grateful she is happy during the day.
  • i missed WW on sat. since i was with hadley at the ER. i did go to a meeting today, and didn't blow it off. i lost .4 lbs. i worked hard this week, so i am not sure why i had such a little loss. i am guessing my "lady friend" might be on her way, but that is all i can think of. i am now less than a pound away from my pre-preg weight.
  • yesterday was beautiful! craig and the boys were outside cleaning out the shed and getting out the spring/summer toys. they also evicted the family of mice that were living in craig's golfing bag over the winter. GROSS!!! while they were outside, hadley seemed to be doing much better, so i decided to take her with me while i got a pedicure. it was perfect. she sat on my lap and loved all the attention the ladies gave her. when she started to get tired, she put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep. she is such a good girl!!!
  • and we now have a roller!!! last week, hadley rolled from her belly to her back, and today she started rolling from her back to her belly. she is growing up so fast!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009


today was a good day - we just had a quiet day at home and didn't have to go to speech, play group, swimming, target, the grocery store, etc. we hung out and hadley got to take 2 good naps in her crib and not on the go like she usually does. we went out for a walk since it turned out to be a beautiful day. i also got to sit on the couch, drink a cup of coffee and watch some t.v. i was watching The View, and they mentioned a website about mom confessions. i just got around to checking it out. i guess it is good for us moms to vent w/out being judged. if you want to take a look, here is the website

by the way, can i just say how much i love thursday night t.v. grey's and private practice are so good!!! last night i had a haircut, so before i went i tried to get everything done so i could come home and focus on my shows. the kids were fed, showered, and in pj's for when craig got home. (did i mention i even got on the treadmill during hadley's nap) all craig had to do was have the boys brush their teeth and send them to bed. when i got home i feed hadley and put her down, cleaned up a bit and then parked my butt on the couch. it was perfect! well, actually everything but my hair was perfect. i don't like my hair - she cut it too short.

oh, and i had to add some pictures from the week. hadley is enjoying the exersaucer... and the boys just love that she is in it. they like to "show" her all the toys. mason has been on a puzzle kick lately. we moved the train table in the basement so he could have more floor space for his puzzles. and if you are wondering where carter is, well he is in school all day, and i usually don't have my camera out during the night time madness... i will have to make sure i get plenty of pictures of him on here next week when we celebrate his birthday!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

back on the wagon

i went back to WW this morning... i had taken a couple weeks off from meetings b/c i had things to do, and i guess i really need them to keep me in line. i got on the scale monday morning and it was up a couple of pounds since my last meeting. i was disappointed in myself. i got motivated and when i went today i didn't want to see a gain from my last official weigh in. so i worked hard this week and it paid off. i lost the weight i had gained, and an extra .8 lb. so, my total weight loss is 13.8 lbs. i am so close to my goal, and i know if i do good this week, i will reach it.

at the end of the meeting the leader asks who wants to share their weight loss totals... well this girl who joined the same day as me raised her hand and said she reached the 16.6 lbs this week. i was happy for her, and it made me realize that if i didn't take a couple weeks off, i would probably be right around there too.

i called craig on my way home to let him know my total, and he was proud of me - he always is... and he said something that has stuck in my head. "it is not a rush, it isn't a race, and the scale is going in the right direction."

oh, and speaking of craig - he is down 27 lbs. i think he looks great and is doing amazing!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

here are a couple of pictures from St. Paddy's Day... i just love when i can actually get a picture of the 3 of them! notice how hadley always looks a bit scared when the boys are holding her... i think i would too!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mason

happy birthday mason! i can't believe you are 3 years old!!! you are just the most adorable and lovable little boy.... and quite funny too! i really enjoy spending my days with you. i thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of my favorite pictures of you!!!

at the hospital, getting ready to meet you. oh, how i loved my epidural!!

all ready to bring you home from the hospital!

6 months old - apple picking!

your 1st birthday party!

22 months old - our first trip to Disney!

here you are in the tumble bus on your 2nd birthday party.

my favorite picture of you from last summer. you are just too cute!!!

happy halloween Dr. Mason

you are officially 3 years old!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mason's 3rd Birthday Party

believe it or not, this is our first family picture of the 5 of us!!! i am hoping to get professional pictures taken this summer, but for now i am happy to just have this!

so for the last 2 years, we have had mason and carter's party together. this year each of the boys had (will have) their own party. we had Ed Morgan the "music man" come to the house to do the sing-a-long and the kids just loved it! i think most of the adults sang and danced too! i told carter he was the oldest there, and he had to make sure he was really good so all the other kids followed. he sat right next to mason and they held hands. it was so cute!!!

cousin avery and auntie came to the party!!! she looked so cute in her pigtails... she jumped and danced and loved all the excitement!
and this is the difference of 10 weeks, hadley was tired and was ready for a nap. the music wasn't going to keep her awake. after i took this picture i ended up putting her down in her swing to nap.

and here is the birthday boy blowing out his candle. the good mom that i am, i forgot to pick up a #3 candle and i could only find one single one in our house. good thing he didn't seem to mind one bit.

we didn't open presents with everyone there, but we did open some last night, and the rest this morning. he got lots of great gifts and is looking forward to playing with his new toys, puzzles, books, art supplies and outside toys. i think he will be a busy little boy!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

busy week

this week was great!!! i was able to coordinate a night out for my friend Dallas. we just went to chili's for dinner and drinks... nothing fancy, just a fun night out. i was so happy that we were able to go out one last time before she moves to kansas city! we gave her the platter we had custom made for her house in Nantucket. (

this week the boys both started swimming lessons. carter has done them off and on in the past, but this was mason's first lesson. it just amazes me how different the boys are. carter is so timid and is still not comfortable in the water. he is always trying to negotiate to do the least amount possible. while mason just loved his lesson and did everything his teacher asked.

my mom also came down to stay with me for 2 nights. our schedule is so busy these days, especially with carter in kindergarten and i feel bad that she isn't able to see the kids as much as she would like. so i asked if she wanted to come down for a visit and stay a couple of nights. we had so much fun! we did a lot of shopping and hanging out.

i also had a meeting with the public schools to see what services mason would qualify for since he will be turning 3 and will be leaving Early Intervention. they said his receptive language skills were great! he tested above his age level, and has lots of wonderful skills. his expressive language was a little low, which wouldn't be that big of deal if his receptive skills were not so high. he also has some trouble with sentence structure and sound endings. they read through the report with me, and seemed to really nail down what he can and can't do. they are offering him speech twice a week, for 30 minutes. we will start that next week, after he turns three.

speaking of turning 3, we had mason's b-day party today. i will write an update about that later, but it was a lot of fun!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

play date

here are a couple pictures from yesterday... we had a lot of fun playing with our friends. we were excited to finally meet Alex, who is just a couple weeks younger than Hadley. Nathan and Avery are both 5 months old. i can remember when Carter and Mason were this little and had play dates too... now they are too busy running around and actually playing!
Hadley loves her new Easter basket from the Lappins.

Hadley and cousin Avery hanging out during their play date.

Alex, Hadley and Nathan

not going as planned

so far, today is not going exactly as planned... i was planning to go to WW this moring for the 8:30 meeting. well, miss hadley decided to get up at 4 am, a couple hours earlier then she typically does. so i fed her and then fell back asleep while holding her, and we didn't wake up until 8 am. i would rather sleep in and snuggle with her any day, so i am not too upset with that. i did hop on my scale and it was .5 lbs lower than last week, so not too bad.

tonight i was going to host a going away party for my friend dallas. she is moving to Kansas City in 2 weeks, and it was going to be our final girl's night with her. i met dallas in 2006 when her daughter mia was in the same preschool class as carter. (carter and mia have been in the same class for 3 years now) she has become a great friend and someone i talk to frequently. she is the type of person who is always there when you need her, and listens with care and concern when you need to vent. anyways, dallas called this morning to tell me that mia was sick with the stomach bug that is going around school. (carter actually had it last sat. night). so tonight's party is cancelled. i am hoping that we can meet up for a quick dinner or something easy before she leaves.

oh, and can you believe hadley is 3 months old today??? how did that happen? the time is going by so fast. she has lost her newborn look, and is turning into such a little girl. she is awake more and smiles all the time!!! seriously, she is the happiest little thing.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Star of the Week

Carter was "star of the week" in his class this week. he was very excited that he was able to be the line leader everyday, he was interviewed by his teacher, and he got to bring in 5 items for show and tell.

here are the answers to his questions -
1. What is your favorite color? silver
2. What is your favorite sport? t-ball
3. What is your favorite book? Green Eggs and Ham
4. Where would you like to visit? Disney World
5. What do you want to be when you grow up? a Dad
6. What makes you special? playing with my baby sister

how cute is he??? i need to remember this for when he is driving me crazy, and fighting with his brother!!!

Carter's 5 items for show and tell
1. his new webkin
2. a poker chip (his favorite thing to do with his dad... play poker)
3. his football trading cards (that he doesn't trade with anyone)
4. his t-ball trophy
5. the program from the Globetrotter's game

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

so cute

well to say i am having fun shopping for hadley, would be an understatement. there are cute things everywhere i look. to be fair, i loved shopping for clothes for carter, but since mason and carter were born the same season, i haven't had to get too much lately.
here are some pics from my latest purchase. i got her headbands from an etsy seller (gals with girls) and they are just precious! i figured the pink bow will go with most of her clothes, and the daisy will be perfect to go with some of her new spring outfits from janie and jack.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Movie of the Month Club

so a couple of months ago, my friends and i were trying to find a night that we could get together for a girl's night out. after looking at everyone's calendars, we all had feb. 1st and march 1st free. we decided to make plans for those two nights.

feb. 1st we had a quick dinner at Red Robin, and then we went to the movies to see "Slumdog Millionaire"... it was the perfect sunday night. we were home early, there wasn't a lot of planning, just good times with friends. at the end of the night, we decided to do a movie of the month club on the first sunday of the month.

so, tonight we are going to see "He's Just Not That Into You." we are going to try sitting in the lux portion of the theater, so we can eat and drink there too.

i live close to Gillette Stadium, where the NE Patriot's play. they have been building like crazy there, and developed Patriot's Place. this is where the movies are, lots of different restaurants, bars and stores... it will be fun to try out the different places, and catch a movie too.

i am looking forward to my night out, especially since it looks like we may get another snow day tomorrow. craig and i both feel strongly about getting some time away from the house. a happy mommy + a happy daddy = a happy family!!! craig likes to go out once a week to play poker with the guys, and i usually get a pedicure, go shopping, or out with friends.

hopefully the movie tonight is good... i don't think it will win an oscar like slumdog, but that's ok, i love a good chick flick!!!!