Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 down... 1 to go!

(whoops... never posted this)

i think i can say that hadley is officially potty trained!!! yay!!!!

i thought since she was a girl, that the process would have been so easy and she would have been trained 6 months ago. well, what i know is that when they are ready, they are ready.... and last friday, she was finally ready!

we bought some new ballerina underwear... which she loved!!!

there are so many stages i am going to miss as the kids get older... potty training won't be one of them!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

photo friday - christmas

our kids had an amazing christmas... they were all so happy!!! here's the photo recap of the day...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

busy busy...

craig is in his busy season at work... i am not a fan of him not being home for dinner. i am lucky that his job usually isn't like this and he doesn't have to travel. we miss him, and this is only the third day in.

i am involved with doing an auction at 2 different schools, and they are both in march... now that the holidays are over, i am in auction mode. so much to do...

ok... mini-vent over. gotta get back to feeding the kids. how much longer until bed time????

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


wow... looks like i still haven't blogged about christmas, or vacation week.

just a quick update... christmas was a huge success for the jacobs family. we survived many days of seeing our family, and running on little sleep. things were going perfect, until i had emergency surgery.

let me give a little background... ever since i was pregnant with hadley i had these pains that came every 6 moths or so, started at night, and felt like my bra was too tight. they were painful, but i could always sleep them off and wake up the next day and be fine. over the summer they were happening more frequently, and i was going to mention it to my primary at my next physical.

so last week i was experiencing a lot of heartburn, and we went to chili's for dinner on wednesday night and i couldn't eat. i came home and was excited to watch "The Holiday" which is one of my favorite movies. i was starting to experience more pain, and as the night went on, i couldn't sleep and popped more advil than i can count and nothing was helping.

finally at 8 am i told craig i thought it was time to go to the ER.

once at the ER it seemed clear that it was my gallbladder. i had large gallstones, and after many hours there the results of another scan didn't come back good and we were given a 10 minute warning that i would need surgery. everything happened so fast... but at the end of the night, my gallbladder came out and i was resting comfortably.

i was released the next day, and cancelled our new year's party. and up until today i have been very uncomfortable. today i finally feel good... but it was a whopping 18 degrees out today, we just stayed put in our pj's.

i need to upload pics soon for the full christmas post...