Monday, December 19, 2011

nothing really...

not too much to say... just wishing i had a couple extra hours in the day to get everything for christmas done. but it's the same thing every year... i think i'm just about done, and then make a list, and have an "oh, shit!" moment when i realize all the little gifts, and last minute things pile up.

fingers crossed i can keep my sanity this week!!! and here's a couple of photos from the weekend...

our tree and stockings
all four of the kids actually looking in (somewhat) the same direction.
the boys all sporting their patriot shirts... all #12 tom brady!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas... our card!

Christmas/Holiday cards are my favorite!!! i love making mine every year, and love when they start coming in the mail! i hang them all up in my kitchen so i can look at them often. i even have a folder that i keep them all in. one of these days i will put them all in an album. i love watching how all my friends families have grown over the years. and with some families it has turned into our only way we stay connected.

so... here is my 2011 card.


i love how the back is a full picture that can be framed by our families and i didn't have to get try to get prints for everyone who wanted them.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dear Hadley

Dear Hadley,
Happy 3rd birthday to my beautiful daughter! I just can't believe how fast the time is going by... You are a girly girl to the extreme! You love all things pink and are quite fond of the princesses. Aurora (sleeping beauty) is your favorite, because she wears pink!

You are finally settled in at school, and love it! Miss Laurie is your favorite teacher, and she just adores you. She even babysat last weekend, and that was awesome! You have a couple of girls in class that you are starting to get friendly with, but you are just so shy most of the time.

Ballet is your favorite activity, and I just watch in amazement as you follow along and do the routine. You are the youngest in the class, but you wouldn't know it. I wish you could do it more than once a week... i can't wait for your recital in the spring!

You love your brothers so much! You can be kinda a pill at times, and even a little annoying, but you are so lucky to have three brothers who love you so much.

You are a complete daddy's girl. You love to snuggle with him, and play. He has a hard time telling you "no", and I sometimes worry about how spoiled you will be.

You are my best little friend. You always ask if we can get our nails done. And when we do you sit so still and let your toes dry. It makes you so happy, and it is a fun mother/daughter activity.

You are in the phase now were band-aids make everything better. Your brothers never went through this, but i am now stocked up on all sorts of pink band-aids. What can i say? It's an easy fix!

I am looking forward to watching you grow, learn and explore a lot this year. The biggest thing we will be working on is the potty. You are not into it, and show no interest at all. Hopefully something will click soon.

I love you my Hadley... Thank you for all the love, joy, and pink you bring to our family!!!

Love, Mommy

happy birthday hadley

miss hadley turned 3 years old on dec. 7th!!! all she wanted for her birthday was a princess castle. she is a girl who loves her princesses!!!

we also got hadley an ornament for her birthday... she loves ballet so much, and when i saw this ornament i knew it was perfect!!!

last sunday we had miss hadley's pink party! we kicked the boys out of the house, and invited a small group of girls and moms over. i made some pink foods and punch, and the girls made a craft, had cake, and then before we had time to do gifts, the birthday girl fell asleep. poor thing!

thanksgiving... better late than never!

this will be quick... i am home today with a sick little girl who can't seem to shake this fever. i was going to blog about miss hadley's 3rd birthday, but realized i had some thanksgiving pics i never uploaded. so here goes...

this year my parents were coming over for thanksgiving since they are in the apartment until their townhouse goes through. i was all set to cook everything, but we were having some issues with our oven. what a bummer!!! i was able to make all the sides on the stove top, and my parents brought the turkey. (not a bad deal actually)

craig brought the boys to the high school football game... they went last year and loved it. it's a great tradition to start.

we were blessed to celebrate (aka eat) twice this year. our friends were home with no family around, so i thought it would be fun to have a 2nd thanksgiving later in the day with them. my friend loves to cook, so she was excited! it is also nice to see our kids have other kids to play with.

it was a great day!!! after eating lots of yummy food and getting the kids to bed, i headed out with my friend to tackle black friday!!! it was my first time out, and it was fun... we went to the stores that opened at midnight. i will be doing it again next year, but with more of a plan and a list!

i didn't take a lot of pictures, but i did get one of me with the littles...

Sunday, December 4, 2011

he's growing up...

my little man is sure growing up... he's off his bottle and drinking from a sippy cup. he no longer drinks formula either... he's loves his milk! and he eats everything that we eat, no more baby food!!!

did i ever blog after graham's one year appointment? hmmm... i don't think i did. well, i would have to get out the officially paperwork to see, but basically graham dropped from the 50th % in weight, to the 15th. he is so little... especially since all the other kids were above the 90th. so we are trying to fatten him up and we will bring him back for a weight a check.

graham is starting to say a couple of "words"... mama, dada, yaya (my mom), and nie nie for night night. he gives kisses and hugs. he's such a good boy!!! i love him so much!

part of me just wants to keep him my baby forever... i don't want him to grow up because i know we will never do this again. but then there is so much freedom as we finish with each stage. so many emotions!!!

next up... walking!!! then the real fun starts!