Thursday, July 26, 2012

what's new?

summer is flying by and i haven't had time to do much of anything that doesn't involve the kids. so far, it's been fun and busy, but we may be at the point now where we are getting on each others nerves. carter played on a summer baseball team, and craig coached it. it was a lot of fun, but between games, practices and a tournament, it was a huge time commitment.
craig and i have managed to have some adult friends without kids. we hosted a summer party that was a lot of fun. it was great to catch up with so many of our friends. we ate, we drank, we danced... it was the weekend after my birthday, and also our anniversary, so we had a lot to celebrate.
craig and i went to see luke bryan and jason aldean... that was amazing!! such a fun night. next up is eric church, then tim mcgraw and kenny chesney. we have also had some great family time. craig took off 10 days at the end of june - july. he will take another week in august. the boys each did a week long camp at the school, and next month they will do soccer camp. i took the kids down the cape with 2 of my friends. we had a great time, but i decided to come home early. graham is at a tough age, and is always on the go. i was tired and needed to come back home to my house that is "graham friendly". so, this is a lot of info for one post... but who knows when i will update again. here are a couple more pics.
well... long update with a ton of photos and i'm done!!! trying to get a family picture was a bit of a challenge. but we did the best we could!!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My Ballerina

we completed our first year of dancing school. i'm so sad it is over, it was so cute and hadley's favorite activity every week. her teacher miss judy was awesome, and she had a wonderful group of girls in her class. from her first class to the day of the recital... hadley was so shy and for the first month held her teacher's hand. each week she got more comfortable, and participated a little more. truth be told, i wasn't even sure if she would get up on stage... but she amazed me. as i was watching her the night of, i was so proud. she was not only one of the youngest in her class, but the whole school. and she rocked it!!!! the theme of the whole night was disney, and since she takes princess ballet, they were dressed like snow white and danced to "some day my prince will come". who knows what type of girl she will become... will she stick with dance? be into sports or art? who knows, but this is a memory i will never forget. my beautiful girl did an amazing job!!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

long time no blog...

hmmm... should i even try to fill in the gaps from the last time i blogged? so much going on here at the jacobs house. life is busy!!! march was madness! it was full of auctions! i was the chairperson for the one with our elementary school. which was a super fun night and a success!!! then we went to a wine tasting auction night with friends... and ended the month with an auction/comedy night for hadley's preschool. oh, yeah and mason's 6th birthday was in the middle of it all. (fun night out to make money for the school)
(mason's birthday party at the movies to see the lorax)
april was carter's birthday, easter, passover, the start of baseball, vacation week, parent/teacher conferences... you get the point.
it's funny, people assume that the little kids are the ones who keep me busy, but really it is the older boys! our lives revolve around their schedules and sports. craig and our friend john coach both the boys teams together, and mason is trying lacrosse this year. but it is all good! i couldn't imagine life any other way. we are loving every minute of it. i just adore all of our friends in town, and being there for the kids. well that is a quick update... with some pictures. i will try to keep up with my blog more often. i do love looking back and reading. maybe i will challenge myself for may to write at least 5 posts?

Friday, February 3, 2012

can't catch a break...

i feel like i live in the house of sick... every day it is someone new, with a new ailment.

first it was the stomach bug... it is everywhere around town! mason had it quick, just 24 hours, but poor graham had it for 12 days. during that time, craig had a couple days he wasn't feeling well. hadley too was complaining that she didn't feel good.

finally graham was better... but wrong, he then got a cold and the nebulizer came out. poor kid... he just looked so sad everyday.

yes, graham is on the mend! finally, let's get back to life. nope, i get the worst head cold, and carter wakes up in the middle of the night with a belly ache.

i am starting to feel trapped! trapped in my house and trapped with sick kids. i don't even like making plans anymore, because chances are someone will be sick.

this weekend i am going to clean and sanitize! (oh, and watch the super bowl... hopefully to see the patriots win big!!!!)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

3 down... 1 to go!

(whoops... never posted this)

i think i can say that hadley is officially potty trained!!! yay!!!!

i thought since she was a girl, that the process would have been so easy and she would have been trained 6 months ago. well, what i know is that when they are ready, they are ready.... and last friday, she was finally ready!

we bought some new ballerina underwear... which she loved!!!

there are so many stages i am going to miss as the kids get older... potty training won't be one of them!!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

photo friday - christmas

our kids had an amazing christmas... they were all so happy!!! here's the photo recap of the day...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

busy busy...

craig is in his busy season at work... i am not a fan of him not being home for dinner. i am lucky that his job usually isn't like this and he doesn't have to travel. we miss him, and this is only the third day in.

i am involved with doing an auction at 2 different schools, and they are both in march... now that the holidays are over, i am in auction mode. so much to do...

ok... mini-vent over. gotta get back to feeding the kids. how much longer until bed time????