Sunday, May 6, 2012

long time no blog...

hmmm... should i even try to fill in the gaps from the last time i blogged? so much going on here at the jacobs house. life is busy!!! march was madness! it was full of auctions! i was the chairperson for the one with our elementary school. which was a super fun night and a success!!! then we went to a wine tasting auction night with friends... and ended the month with an auction/comedy night for hadley's preschool. oh, yeah and mason's 6th birthday was in the middle of it all. (fun night out to make money for the school)
(mason's birthday party at the movies to see the lorax)
april was carter's birthday, easter, passover, the start of baseball, vacation week, parent/teacher conferences... you get the point.
it's funny, people assume that the little kids are the ones who keep me busy, but really it is the older boys! our lives revolve around their schedules and sports. craig and our friend john coach both the boys teams together, and mason is trying lacrosse this year. but it is all good! i couldn't imagine life any other way. we are loving every minute of it. i just adore all of our friends in town, and being there for the kids. well that is a quick update... with some pictures. i will try to keep up with my blog more often. i do love looking back and reading. maybe i will challenge myself for may to write at least 5 posts?

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  1. Love the update!!! The pic of all 4 of your kids is CLASSIC. It's nearly impossible to get everyone to smile!