Sunday, May 22, 2011

wow, i suck...

well, i guess i officially suck at blogging these days... still haven't uploaded any pictures, or had time to write about what's going on.

the good news is that the auction i have been working on was last night and a huge success!!!! not only did i have a rocking fun time, the school made over $9000!!! cha-ching!!!

craig and i had a blast... we drank a little too much, and laughed, and spent some fun times with our friends! with four kids, it doesn't happen often, but when it does, we appreciate it!!

hopefully now that i have some free time, i can get back to my blog!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

tired, overwhelmed, and a little sad...

gosh, where to begin? somehow things are just crazy busy around here these days... sports, school, doctors appointments, 4 kids, work, house stuff... the list goes on!

i don't want to complain, because honestly i have nothing to complain about... just some days are busier than others, and i feel like i am juggling a lot right now. graham is the happiest baby ever... he's so good! but he is now 6 months old and doesn't sleep all the time anymore. and hadley is full of life!!! she is funny, cute, and sweet... well, that's when she is not whining, yelling and having tantrums (hello terrible 2s). mason is good, but has been a bit oversensitive these days and it drives me crazy!!!! and carter just is carter... when he's good, he awesome, and then there are the mornings that we are fighting before the bus comes at 7:30 because i won't let him wear shorts to school when the high of the day is 57 degrees.

i feel like i am not as organized as i usually am and it is driving me crazy!!! i have never looked forward to a summer vacation before as much as i am now... i just want to be done with home work, and getting up and out early, and schedules.

i am spending a lot of time and energy on the auction we are having for mason's school... when i shut my eyes at night, my mind is racing and i hate it!

graham has been sick with his wheezing cough forever now... we tried a new medication in his nebulizer that didn't work ($150 for the month's supply) and today i picked up something new his doctor recommended ($110) which i am not optimistic about. on monday i need to make an appointment with the ent to see what he says. and i already know when hadley has her 2 1/2 year checkup this summer. they are going to want to schedule surgery for her hernia... we've been putting it off for a year now.

ok, and here comes the part when i'm sad... i know craig feels this way too. carter's on a travel soccer team and he's not so good. his heart just isn't into it. there are 8 kids on the team, and he would be ranked 8th. it's a small team because so many boys are doing baseball or lacrosse. if there was an "A" team and a "B" team, he would be on the lower skilled team and be fine, but since there is only one option, it is just hard to watch. once you are on travel teams, and it is no longer just a fun in-town league, it's hard to face reality.

let me just say that i/we are not sad at his ability... he is, what he is. i just hate the idea of him noticing that he's not in the top tier.

tonight were the try-outs for summer baseball. now, carter does well in baseball... he is a good player and loves it! again, he is not in the top group of players, but can usually hold his own. well 15 kids tried out, and craig said he didn't do well tonight. if 12 players make the team, it breaks my heart to think he will be one of 3 that doesn't. he'll still have an opportunity to play on the lower team. not a big deal if any of his friends would play with him, but if they all make it and he doesn't, that breaks my heart.

around 50 kids play 2nd grade baseball... and he does fall right in the middle of that group. but when only 15 kids try out, it's hard to see where you rank. who knows, maybe he'll make the team and have a great summer? i just don't want him feeling discouraged in baseball the same way he does in soccer.

oh well... those are the thoughts going through my mind tonight. i still need to upload graham's six month photos... and tackle all the chores. or maybe just go to bed!!!!

there are lots of things i don't say on my blog because it is public... i am thinking of making it private, but i need to figure out how to do that. you know, i do have my loyal 3 readers! ha!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

baby names

today is one of my favorite days!!! the social security administration released the list of the top 1000 baby names of 2010. i just love looking at this list... watching the trends, and checking out my favorite names.

i gotta admit that i am a little sad that i will never have the chance to name another baby. I have so many favorites... i think i would need about 15 more kids to use them all!


2010 284
2009 260
2008 322
2007 382
2006 430
2005 408
2004 422
2003 395
2002 410
2001 398
2000 405

2010 216
2009 363
2008 417
2007 469
2006 494
2005 624
2004 692
2003 702
2002 875
2001 857
2000 921


2010 12
2009 34
2008 35
2007 37
2006 40
2005 42
2004 51
2003 54
2002 53
2001 53
2000 64

2010 48
2009 50
2008 65
2007 80
2006 75
2005 77
2004 88
2003 102
2002 108
2001 111
2000 152

Monday, May 2, 2011

how are things?

hey, shan... how are things going?

so glad you asked!!! things have been slightly busy here. yes, we are finally over with all the birthday and religious celebrations, but there is always something. i guess with four kids there will always be something.

sports - carter is playing soccer and baseball, and mason is playing t-ball. baseball is the only sport that the kids do that has weeknight games. craig is coaching both the boys teams, so he has to leave work early a lot to get to the games. it's great he is coaching, but that leaves me on the sidelines with the kids. mason just plays with his friends, and graham chills in the stroller, it is our crazy two year old who loves to run around, and run on to the field to give her daddy a hug. cute, yes... but i need to keep my running shoes on!

graham is still our happy wheezer... it has been 2 months and he is still wheezing. the nebulizers and steroids have not helped. last week i brought him to children's for a chest x-ray and it showed he has asthma. for now we are watching him closely, and making sure he is hitting all his milestones and gaining weight. the doctor said her biggest concern was that he wheezes so much when he is not sick. at his 6 month appointment we will discuss which specialist to send him to (pulmonologist, ent, or allergist). i am just so thankful that he is such a happy boy!!!

hadley, hadley, hadley... i just love her so much!!! she is so cute and sweet... well, except for when she's not! ha! one on one she is perfect! but she loves to bother her older brothers. she wants to do everything they do, and doesn't understand why she can't. she is perfecting the art of tantrums and just really keeps me on my toes. she is OBSESSED with pink!!!! (she informed me she wants a pink DS... she didn't get the memo that 2 year olds shouldn't even know what a DS is.) so for any of you moms out there who have boys and think it would be fun to have a girl... come borrow her!

house improvements - we haven't really had to do much to our house since we bought it almost 6 years ago. i had a couple of ideas, but then when i got a quote for our front door to get fixed, we were told we need a whole new entry way. and then we had the domino effect. new door = change color (green to red), then change the shutters (green to black) and i have really been wanting new garage doors, and the fence needs to be replaced, and craig wants our irrigation system added to the back yard. so yes, lots of things going on... i also met with the landscaper to share my ideas with him. i am so excited to see what we get accomplished this year!!!!

ww - i fell off the wagon! not really, i just haven't counted my points in the last 2 weeks, and hence haven't lost any weight. i need to get back on it, and step away from the easter candy!!!!

that's all i got to share for now... thanks for asking!!!

p.s. how are things with you? (yes, i would love to know!!!)

busy busy!

wow! i can't believe it is may! i feel like i say this all the time, but the months are just flying by!!!!

last weekend was easter, and that was the end of april vacation week. we went out to brunch with our friends the lappins. after we ate tons of yummy food, we headed up to my parents for a visit. it was a good day!!!

easter baskets & egg hunt

family photos

more easter pictures

on april 30th, carter celebrated his first communion. it was a beautiful day and we were so proud of him!!! we kept things very small, since we have been having party after party since graham's baptism in march.

carter is not a fan of photos at all, so i had to keep it fast and simple.

carter then decided it was his turn to play photographer... not bad at all!

we also decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to bring hadley to church... she is at a very active and loud stage right now, and i didn't want her to be a distraction. our church doesn't have a crying room or a nursery... she stayed at home with the lappins and kelly painted her toes pink with sparkles... she loves them!!!!

this was my happy face on saturday night... no more parties to plan for a long time!!!

yesterday craig and mason were invited to go to the red sox game with friends. it was mason's first time going, and he got to go with his best bud matthew... their seats were amazing!!!

now let's see how fast may flies by!!! before we know it, it will be memorial day weekend!!!!